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Skynet will be a good actor

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Well, it seems I was on a good path when I started my PhD research for creating AI driven autonomous CG portraits. Watch this method for speech derived AI driven animation. I…

3D Digital Skills Courses in Stroud

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I am going to run a variety of 3D digital skills courses in Stroud. I am starting with beginners courses that are aimed at people who have some level of traditional manual art…

Digital Sculpture Consultancy

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This winter period I’ve been involved with some very interesting projects for two companies in particular, Pangolin Foundry in Chalford, UK and Immortal Pictures, an animation studio in South Wales. Pangolin Foundry  is…

Introduction to 3D Digital Tools in artistic practice workshop

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I am running a workshop day at the SVA in Stroud. It’s called Introduction to 3D Digital Tools in Artistic Practice, on the 13nth of Novemeber Please contact me or the SVA…