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Automation of Retopology and Easy Integration of 3D Scans for Artists,

By November 29, 2018Uncategorized

ZWRAP for ZBrush is another example of the tendency for time consuming repetitive tasks to become automated.

There may be some of you out there who find the idea of automation a bit threatening. After all you spent a chunk of you life developing those skills. But I say welcome it with open arms and breath a huge sigh of relief. Tools like this liberate a lot of time from tedious work which can be used for pursuing greater creative depth at the same time as leveraging 3D scanning technology into a sculptors working methodology.

One of ZWRAP’s capabilities uses cunning optical flow analysis to take the form from a scanned mesh and then it deforms a structured mesh of your liking to match your reference. It is a great addition to a digital sculptor’s or fabricators toolset.

There a many ways in which digital artists of all types can enhance and expand their work by bringing in real world reference and props with the use of 3D scanning. I recommend this way of working to digital painters and 3D artist’s alike.

It is free for students too… have a closer look


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