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When i took on the task of designing and modelling the two main human characters Teleman and the Hologram. I drew on the groups input to develop the characterisation. We discussed many aspects of the persona we wanted to portay and what meanings we wanted to transmit through the character.

Liz and Bernard were very forthcoming with ideas. The Hologram was the most interesting character, as we were trying to project a lot of information and meaning with her. In particular her character was designed by a jailer whose presence taunts the prisoner’s desire for human contact. We wanted her to represent an indifferent authority, a travesty of maternal care, She would have a militant quality as well as wealth and power. Quite a lot to pack in. It is great fun.

The Hero is a fairly neutral character so the audience can project their own feelings into him. Ryan was quite pleased when we decided to base the Teleman character on him, we didn’t tell him about the ‘neutral’ plan though. Liz’s experience in costume design was significant. She showed us how character can be projected visually with costume. We worked literally shoulder to shoulder at the computer to articulate the meanings projected by the character and costume. Modelling with live creative feedback like this was very effective.

This is a good example of the kind of creative collaborations we had during the project. Ryan and I had a similar process with the architecture of the plant. I worked with Lin to generate the oxygen Garden interior.

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