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A group of four 3D Digital Design MA students, one Spatial Design MA student and a Costume Design MA student have come together to take on a collaborative project. We are Myself Daniel Hughes McGrail, Ryan Blackburn, Bernard Walker, Lin Chien, Chai Guthala, and Elizabeth Real (Liz)

We need to find a project that is interesting and can motivate us all. Although the group is predominantly Digital 3D biased, we have identified common ground with Lin’s Architecture background and Liz’s costume/fine art background. We want to do something with enough breadth and depth for each person to engage fully with it.

We have undertaken a short 3-4 minute computer animation and set about designing a project that will be a vehicle for our collective and individual objectives. We have a consensus that we want to produce very high quality work for our respective portfolios.

We have two and a half days per week for 12 weeks to achieve this- it will be intense.

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