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The character I designed is called The Great Dali.

It is an homage to the immortal fantasy figure that the artist spent a lifetime generating. The character is not exactly based upon Salvador Dali himself, but rather, the highly constructed public persona that he projected into the world. In public he was at all times in performic mode. He was always aware of how his persona would be relayed into history.

He placed himself quite deliberated in a historical context as a great artist from the

Western European tradition. Sometimes quite literally e.g. the iconic moustache that identified him, tied him to on of his artisticidols. Velasquez who sported an identical moustache.

There is a lot of material to work with from Dali’s output. A huge multiplicity of paintings, sculptures, significant objects and poses that Dali has created for the world to enjoy. A massive sample to draw on in order to portray his historical projection.

It would be fair to say that the second half of his life was dedicated to building a grandiose museum to his artistic ego and filling it with artefacts that represent his production and construction of his historical immortal self.

With such a rich source I had the luxury of choosing elements that resonated with my own readings of the great artists significance.

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