NEW- You can now but a 3D Print of my Sculpture of Patrick Stewart from Shapeways


This page represents the output for the Digital Portrait Project, which was part of Dan’s Masters Degree at Huddersfield University.

The project looks at the translation of traditional artistic skills into the digital 3D medium and the effects of the medium on the art form in response to Digital 3D methods.

The purpose of this project is, on the one hand, to produce a great piece of  digital art work, and on the other to address the cross-disciplinary nature of making meaningful artwork with digital methods. The idea is to contribute to the knowledge base in the field of 3D modelling for VFX, animation, and game development, with special attention to relationship between traditional fine art skills and 3D digital methods – both may benefit from exposure to each other.

The principal objective was to assess and discuss the practice of digital sculpting and high level digital modelling. Also I wanted to provide an analysis of the state of the art – using the making of a portrait as a case study. Then to identify good practice and propose improved methods and models for the practice of good artistic work in 3D digital modelling media.

The vehicle for this study was a portrait of Sir Patrick Stewart OBE, the actor and director, who is also the Chancellor of Huddersfield University and who kindly gave his consent to the project.

This website’s Blog traces the research and a self-reflective study of the progress of a highly skilled sculptor’s migration into the digital arena, with the intention of showing how traditional artistic methods translate and transform during the process.


Please search the Blog for more detailed information about the making process.

A full copy of the Thesis is available on request and please email me if you want one.

Here is a a fun quick job I was asked to do a speed portrait for 3D printing