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LEAP Motion

By February 1, 2013Uncategorized

LEAP have sent me a developer kit of their gesture capture device.

It is a lovely object in itself, but what it does is brilliant. It is a Motion capture device that tracks hand gestures. Most people will be using this as a way of controlling a computer, in the same vein as the science fiction film ‘Minority Report’. by using hand and arm gesture in front of you, instead of using a mouse.

I will be using it or abusing it as a data gathering device for the Autonomous Portraits project. I ts is capable of tracking very fine gesture and can handle props in the hand.

The subject of the Portraits are going to be artists, craftsmen or writers, all people who work with their hands, so it is obvious how important this will be for the project.

I also want to trial it as a digital sculpting aid. By setting it up so that I can ‘grasp’the object on screen and move it about. Perhaps by using a proxy object like a ball.



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