Stay with Us

Learn, explore, work and play. Be inspired in the South of France

The Place

We are near Montpellier in  L’Hérault Valley, in the Occitanie Region of the South of France. It is a truly magnificent part of the world. Physis was established here so that we can provide a truly inspiring and life changing experience for those who come to study and work with us. We freely admit that we rely on the surroundings to a lot of the work for us. All around there are mountains to explore; rivers warm enough to swim in; the mediterrainean sea, spectacular gorges to swim or paddle; rock faces to to climb; fascinating medieval towns; beautiful cities with deep history and real life. All of this in addition to the French culture, which is worth experiencing in it’s own right. The food and wine culture are the least of it.

Montpellier, the nearest city is an architectural jewel. A University city, it has a young and dynamic cosmopolitain atmosphere, which is fed and by the international students who flock there. It is filled with art, music and sporting events and full of social opportunities. It has been singled out in France to be developed as a fully sustainable city, It is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe due to the general entrepreneurial spirit of it’s highly educated populous.

To the South is the Mediterranean Sea with all that it has to offer – Beaches, water sports, medieval port towns etc. To the North are Les Cevennes, a mountainous national park whose ecosphere is a designated UNESCO World Heritage area, and which was famously traversed by Robert Louis Stephenson as a young man. The Hérault and Gard rivers cut through the mountains and are defining features of the landscape. You can engage with the landscape in so many ways. It is accesible for walking, horse riding, road cycling, mountain biking, climbing, canoeing. The entire area has endless tracks and trails punctuated with ancient towns and natural beauty. You can go on organised excursions or just go and see what you find, either way, you will not be disappointed.

We intend your stay to be an immersive experience. Mastering aspects of your art-form while having you imagination saturated with the bright atmosphere of the South of France; The vibrant culture of beautiful French cities and the stunning landscapes of the Hérault and Cévennes. You will take away a lot more than some new skills.