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[showtime] I am checking the lighting setup with Mental Ray for Maya. It is proving to be a very sensitive and tempermental program, struggling to simulate natural lighting from the small portal windows and is producing grainy shadows, blotchy photon mold, and other artefacts. I must comment that the integration with Maya is very poor and each shading network set up requires more repetitive steps, and needs far more trial and error work than it should. Computers are very good at repetitive tasks, so why don’t autodesk’s programmers use this capacity.
Checking the lighting is absurdly time consuming. This is because many of the renderers functions and quantifications pay no regard for the actual physics of light, so every parameter you alter has to be done by trial and error. I wish for a lighting/renderer system that would allow physical quantities to be expressed.
Also I am testing out the fur sysytem in Maya and how it translates to renderer. This is the one item that works fairly straightforwardly. However it multiplies the render times 8 times.

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