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Going through the whole production workflow for an animation has taken me through many steep learning curves and exposed me to an enormous number of technical issues. I now have an overview of the processes involved in animation production. The knowledge gained of the full context of production means that I will improve my design process in each of the specialist divisions within it. Having an understanding of the implications of design decision for other parts of the process means these choices are much better informed.

3D Modelling for animation is perhaps the most complex and challenging form of modelling, anything learned through complex modelling and animating problems is translatable to other, simpler kinds of modelling problem like architectural visualization and product visualization. In many ways it makes other aspects of the 3D design field seem easy by comparison. I intend to continue with this area of 3D digital work.

Overall, it is hugely important to set out the creative objectives at the start of the process, this means you only do the work that is necessary.

With the use of ZBrush my sculptural modelling skill, from my traditional sculpture background, translated very directly to the digital medium. ZBrush is a tool I will happily use all day long, It has depths of functionality that I have only just touched on. I intend to continue with this software for the future of my career.

What was lacking in the process of working on this animation was critical engagement from other people, In the story development and the technical evaluations. There was no group interaction at all. This is a significant lack when trying to understand the workflow process as almost all character animation in the commercial world happens in a necessarily collaborative context. Collaboration should be designed into my further projects.

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