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Physics, Simulation and Dynamics


From the outset I was keen to explore the possibilities of the dynamical simulation capacities of the animation software. In particular cloth dynamics, hair simulation, fluids and physics simulation.

The first thing to comment about with the simulations in 3D animation software is that the methods used to simulate dynamic behaviours of real world processes use the memory and processing capacities of the computers to the full. You need a very powerful machine to run these simulative processes.

The cloth simulation was limited to the jacket, unfortunately the machines I am using at  are poorly set up and the cloth simulation was abandoned due to repeated crashes during the calculation phase of the process. However this was not before discovering useful aspects of the simulation method. Cloth is a modified fluid surface calculator, with additional setting for stiffness fold resistance, shearing and tearing.

Modelling the garment is also fascinating, essentially the process requires that you cut panels in the same way you would for real world tailoring.It is important that the geometry of the meshes used in cloth and fluid simulation has irregular topology, line and grid patterns create odd looking artefacts at render time.

The animation of the fish was physics based using Reaktor. The plug in is the same for 3DSMAX and Maya, but the interface in 3DSMAX is much more efficient to use. The fishes Newtonian reactions to gravity and the eggs impetus were simulated in 3DSMAX and the animation curves converted to keys for export to Maya.

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