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A character needs props. Dali had a knack for distilling images and objects into powerfully primal symbolic forms that represent the content of the unconscious, and being a Freudian theorist, sexual significances are never far away from the surface. So in emulation of the master-
Dali was never seen without his sceptre, the sceptre is symbolically used for it’s phallic associations and it’s connotation of megalomanic monarchic power. The sceptre is designed with a snakes head. It is made of glass, and is shaped like a question mark. The snake sceptre also connotes wisdom and artistic tradition.
The Egg is a regular symbol in Dali’s paintings. He asserted it’s symbolic meanings as associated with ‘prenatal and intra-utarine experience’ and he also uses it to represent the hope and love inherent in sexual relations. It’s interesting to note that in the Metamorphosis of Narcissus (1937) the egg is stone representing the petrifying effects of excessive self love.

In this animation loaves and fish are attributed as symbolic of male sexuality by Freud, Dali also gives sardines the local connotation of abundance and the wealth of the sea.

He will fly off in a balloon. The large inflated and bulbous object requires little Freudian
interpretion and in conjunction with a containing wicker basket, which in Freudian symbolism is associated with the feminine principle, is intended to represent a balance of unconscious sexual drives that gave energy to Dali’s art making processes.

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