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The whole group set about drawing ideas in response to the futuristic retelling of icarus theme.
We spent the first days drawing and assessing the output for quality and potential. We were looking at a lot of visual material and making decisions about the aesthetic direction at his stage, e.g. Ryan produced some strong architectural themes. This was in turn influenced the choice of the Arctic Tern as the bird, which further influenced the visual themes, colours and shapes for the look of the animation.

We started to divide into task driven roles by the third week. Although we all did a bit of everything at this point, some people were biased towards certain roles. Bernard, Liz and I focussed on the story development and story board creation. Ryan on sketching concepts, Chai on background research.

My Directorial focus was to produce a story board as quickly as possible so we could identify the actual work we would need to do. It was important to keep calling the group together from time to time to share the large amount of visual information we were generating. This was hugely enjoyable if a little anxious at times with a few creative conflicts arising.

I thought about how to deal with creative conflicts. My background has not included creative negotiation. (As a sculptor I was the sole authority) I’m not sure I did the best job of it, but I took the approach of suggesting that where we had competing ideas we should apply a Darwinian principle- we would go with the most meaningful in terms of the story as a whole. More by luck than judgement this had the beneficial effect of making most of us individually more aware of the overall story and more willing to compromise in order to achieve the overall objectives.

We used Facebook group to act a repository for our diverse research activities and as a way of communicating with each other. Facebook have introduced editable documents, which provides a useful way of collaborating on documents and for disseminating ‘in progress’ information.

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