Works In Progress…

“The Great Dali” is a solo 2 minute animation..

Here is a look at the story so far…

Rough cut of “The Great Dali” from Dan Hughes McGrail on Vimeo.

There is a lot still to do.

If you are interested to see some of the development work by look here;


Teleman The Escapist….A futuristic retelling of the Icarus myth

Here are some development images


Teleman will be a 3.5-4 minute, completely CG, film. It is a collaboration between Dan and Ryan Blackburn, with additional contributions from Bernard Walker , and Elizabeth Real.

I am directing the film and organising the collaboration.

Part of the intention of this project is to explore animation workflows in small creative groups. These days motion capture is cheap and easy and this means that acting and directing techniques from film and theatre can be brought into the mix.

check the blog archives for a record the development of the project from concept and storyboard all the way through to completion.