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I am starting a new short CG animation called The Great Dali

The primary objectives of this project are:

  • Complete the process of 3D Character development from character design, through modelling and to a finished animation
  • This project is a vehicle to evaluate modelling and animation methodologies in the particularly challenging context of human character animation
  • Continuating from my previous project, I will observed my working process in order to try and understand and analyse how my traditional fine art and sculpture skill translate to the digital medium
  • Develop and demonstrate advanced polygon modelling with particular attention to the use of ZBrush for character modelling
  • Create a 3D Environment for the character
  • Make an animation rig to move the character, clothes and props
  • Include Motion Capture data in the animation
  • Include physics based simulations in the animation•Develop the look and feel of the animation with lighting, texturing and styling
  • Rendering using HDRI image based lighting and explore the advanced capabilities of Mental Ray
  • Produce a high resolution STL model of the head for 3D printing output

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