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The ZBrush Modelling Process

By May 20, 2011Uncategorized

Patrick Stewart digital Portrait session 4 from Dan Hughes McGrail on Vimeo.

Here is a sample of the ZBrush session recordings. The model is at the third level of subdivision, so a fair amount of roughing out work has preceded this.

I am making timelapse movies of my sculpting sessions, so I can analyse the tacit decision making process during the sculpt. When you are actually doing it your whole attention is absorbed in the task, so it is impossible to retreat and observe your process.

One of the things I noticed watching this was the amount of time spent moving the figure around. This reflects the tentativity in making precise decisions about form when working on screen, in conjunction with poor reference material. I really need to ask the Chancellor for a sitting to get some good images, at the right focal length.

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